8 Ways To Try The Detachable Collar Trend - The List

Ready to achieve the maritime aesthetic of your dreams? Look no further than the sailor collar. Characterized by pointed ends and a longer back piece, the sailor collar is chic, playful, and simple enough to go with any outfit. These collars from Etsy shop Mustard Monday are almost too cute for words. Made from 100% cotton, the black version emphasizes the construction of the piece, while the bubblegum pink version lined in red makes a modern, feminine statement. Wear these collars with a V-neck sweater and jeans to compliment the shape of each garment.

How To Get The 'Dark Mermaid' Look Going Into 2023 - The List

At first mention, the "dark mermaid" hair, makeup, and fashion trend might sound slightly disconcerting. Does it entail scales and a fishtail? Must we swim out to the depths of the ocean and wait in a hidden cove for centuries, to accost an unsuspecting sailor? The good news is that, no, none of these things are requirements. And the other good news (there is no bad news!) is that the dark mermaid trend is cool, achievable, and one to keep on your radar for 2023.

The Surrogacy State

This article was featured in One Great Story, New York’s reading recommendation newsletter. Sign up here to get it nightly. Portia Zwicker, 42, was not quite showing as she sat on the couch in her split-level Colonial home in upstate New York. Surrounded by toys, her 6-year-old daughter draws pictures of cats on an easel in orange marker on the other side of the room. Sleeping comfortably had become more challenging lately, so Portia was in the market for a good pregnancy pillow. This is the th

JJ Acuna / Bespoke Studio Pays Homage to Milan in Hong Kong Café

“Milan is one of those cities where it’s great in so many decades,” says Acuna. “There’s the ’60s version of it, and then the ’80s-Memphis version of it, and then there’s the 1800s, early 1900s palazzo version of it. And I have a 900-square-foot space.” The result is an amalgamation of Milanese and Italian design through history brought together within an elevated framework, says Acuna.

A Day in the Life of East Village Street Artist Ian Dave Knife

Before local East Village artist Ian Dave Knife had his first cup of coffee, he had finished painting a mural, smoked a couple American Spirits, argued with a man who was probably the owner of El Camion Cantina, and completed an interview with me around noon. Knife, 49, had suggested we meet at his mural-in-progress on the corner of Ave. A and 12th St. The mural is located on the outdoor dining apparatus at El Camion Cantina. I was curious to watch him at work. It was a cold but bright blue morning in New York City after days of rain had shrouded the neighborhood in gray. Approaching the mural, which featured layers upon layers of the words Amor and Knife in yellow and violet and green and bright pink and teal hearts, was like walking into the rainbow after the storm.

True ice-breaker for Lyons’ inaugural Chill Fest

Chunks of ice still stirred the water as Lyons polar plungers gathered around the LaVern M. Johnson Park river bank on Saturday. The premiere Chill Fest was underway and the sun was shining. “Every Lyons person should do it, it’s a Lyons thing,” said Marc Hutt. He was one of the earliest plungers at the park, clad in a tan robe and sandals. His daughter Natalie, 9, was going to take the plunge with him. “I’m cold, my feet are cold — it’s only going to get colder,” she said. She, too, was dress

Broomfield Fifth-grader Casts Winning Spell at Regional Competition

The auditorium offered welcome solace from the snowy day outside. Anticipation and excitement hummed in the air. Soon, 50 spellers—the top spellers of all middle and elementary schools in the Front Range—would compete at the Barnes & Noble 2018 Regional Spelling Bee. The competition took place at Boulder’s Nevin Platt Middle School. All participants were in the fifth through eighth grades. They had studied the words in their booklets beforehand, and now it was their time to shine in the audito